1. 6 Pack Fitness Meal Management bag

These things are great! I personally have laid a few hints around my house for this one this year J If you don’t already know what these are, they are hard wearing cooler bags, specially made for carrying around 3 – 6 meals. If your girlfriend is planning on competing, or even if she just prefers to pack her own 6 meals a day when she’s out or travelling, this is the perfect gift. It includes two little cooler bags, come with plastic meal containers and plenty of room for a protein shaker and all her other supplements.

As I mentioned, these come in a variety of sizes with varying prices and colours. I have seen a few rumours of a new ‘Tote’ variety being added to the range sometime in 2014. So depending on when you’re reading this post, this might also be a great option.



2. Yoga mat

Obviously you’ll make sure that your girl does attend the odd yoga class… You can spend anywhere from $25 – $80 on a yoga mat but my personal favourite at the moment is one from Lorna Jane. Great quality, BPA free, and comes in a variety of colours.

3. Foam roller

Heavy weight training day after day leaves your muscles tight and sore. A good quality foam roller will help loosen the muscles, aid recovery and increase performance. While most gyms have these, you tend to spend a lot of time rolling around on the floor, and after a gruelling hour or so lifting weights and cardio, the last thing I want to do is spend another hour rolling around on the floor. Being able to stretch out in the comfort of your own home is great. This also made it on to my own very subtle Christmas wish-list J

4. Competition bikini (or voucher)

This particular gift idea is not for the faint hearted… Most girls will only wear each bikini once or twice and at over $200 a pop, receiving a new one for Christmas will be much appreciated!!  You’ll need to know a little about your girl’s style and preferences when it comes to her next competition bikini. If you know where she got here last one from, chances are the maker will have her competition measurements on file so you won’t have to worry about sizes.

5. Supplements (or voucher)

I’m a little afraid to work out exactly how much I spend on training supplements every year… Be it protein powders and glutamine, or fish oils and green supplements. It’s a never ending hole in my pocket. If you’re not sure what to get, have a look at what she uses, and find a few things she’s running low on. This is also where a gift voucher can be very handy. Most supplement stores these days will have some form of gift card or voucher available.

6. Workout clothes

Plain and simple, you can never have enough.

7. Workout shoes

These can be quite a considerable purchase so they make a great gift idea. Be sure to keep the receipt for size swaps though as sizes can different, even within the same style of shoe. If she’s a Nike Free girl, you’re lucky. They are always releasing new colours and styles so you’ll easily find something new and fresh that she’s love as a gift.

8. Stage kimono

(only if she’s not already a member of a team that has one)
This can be a little tricky. When you’re all covered in tan and canola oil ready to get on stage, it’s great to be able to throw on something light for a little modesty and warmth. If she’s a member of a team however, she may already have a team kimono. If this is the case, you’re better off finding something else. If not, go with either silk or satin, and personalised embroidery is a must!