A little about me…

I’m a Newcastle based digital marketer with a passion for health and fitness! After an exciting 8 years in the Royal Australian Air Force, I discharged in 2012 and made a sea-change to the beautiful coastal town of Newcastle. There I started work at Newcastle’s leading digital advertising agency, Sticky Advertising, where I am to date.

When I’m not at work, I’m usually out doing something active! My interest in fitness began while I was living in Canberra and decided to start kickboxing for self defence, fitness, and to try something new. After my first class I new I was hooked! Over 4 years later, I’ve kept up my kickboxing after moving to Newcastle and now include MMA into the mix to keep me on my toes.

Last year I started to get a little bored with the same ol’ bag rounds at the gym and started to notice all the incredibly looking fitness models that my gym (Strength Republic) had started to attract. So I did what I usually do and though “Maybe I’ll give that a go!”.

That year I found myself a coach online and started to cross the fence over to the dark side (the weights side of the gym). I was absolutely hopeless at first and SO self-conscious, resorting to training after 9pm so I could try to figure out the equipment without fear of judgment from all the beefcakes… It didn’t take me too long to get comfortable though and soon I found myself 4 weeks out from my first ever bodybuilding competition.

As it was my first year, I aimed for the bikini model class. I was relatively fit from kickboxing but had a lot of muscle to put on in order to compete. That year I competed in three events;

  • 2013 ANB Newcastle Northern Classic – Open model
  • 2013 INBA Castle Hill – Bikini Tall
  • WFF Newcastle – Bikini

This year, I’ve decided to change coaches and aim a little higher for the Fitness Model category. As I’m writing this I’m still 8 weeks out and have a lot of work to do…

I hope you enjoy the site!