Balance Tropical Flavoured WPI Protein

I absolutely am in love with this stuff at the moment!

With the weather starting to warm up here for summer, the last thing I feel like downing after a workout is a creamy milkshake protein…. This new flavour, while not exactly the same consistency as actual fruit juice, is really close! Just add a a few cubes of ice and you’re really to go.

Hint: don’t shake it up like a normal protein powder or you’ll end up with a stack of froth… I recommend just stirring a 300ml container of water and pur in the powder as you keep stirring.

I have a great little motorised whizzer that I thought was a total piece of junk until I tried it with this!

Check out the full product breakdown on the Balance Sports Nutrition here.

You can get this from most of your usual sports supplement stores or online from AminoZ, their prices are great!