OK, so this is going to be a little more difficult to keep clean & healthy…

Let’s look at what I can remember was on the table for last year’s Christmas lunch:

• Creamy potato salad

• Creamy pasta salad

• Small green salad

• Homemade sausage rolls

Here are some of the cleaner options I have come up with:

(I’ll sort out the finer details later and post more detailed recipes as I find them)

Some sort of bean salad with lots of herbs, tomatoes and a very light dressing.

Roasted (but served cold) pumpkin & sweet potato salad

Crudités – (I think these are going to be my snack saviour!) julienned carrot & cucumber, broccoli & cherry tomatoes

Tomato, basil & bochaccini salad. Drizzled with balsamic – looks amazing!