Slow carb (4HB) cheat meal

The best & worst pizza of my life…

Well after keeping breakfast relatively simple, I spoilt myself with oats, peaches and Greek yoghurt!

For lunch we decided to go with a pizza, each…. After only half the pizza we both felt bloated and generally comatose. Objective achieved I guess.

Out of boredom I decided to go for a cheeky 5 k run. I had to try new running shoes that’d only just bought so that added massively to the motivation.

We tried to have another crack at the pizza a few (4) hours later without much success.

I couldn’t even stomach 1 piece enjoyably! I forced my way through the whole piece out of stubbornness. Now, I can’t stand the thought of eating another piece of pizza for a very long time. If I keep going this way, I could effectively turn myself off a bunch of different domino or binge foods. I wonder if this will work with chocolate……