On Running Shoes

My new kicks!

These shoes are absolutely fantastic!

Nothing helps motivate me to run more than new workout gear!

I first heard of these through a sports massage therapist friend of mine and then through my¬†pediatrist. I’ve recently suffered a strain in one of my tibular muscles after a run one day which lead me to get some better advice on running shoes that are seriously going to reduce the chance of injury in the future.

My shoes are the Cloudster in Glacier | Limelight.

The On brand had a stall at the annual running festival here a few weeks ago and are apparently loved by professional runners. Now I’m far from a pro runner but I am pro looking-after-my-body so I think they’re definitely worth it!

You can have a look at the full On Running Shoes range or have a look for your nearest stockist online.

Unfortunately the price varies a fair bit between the online US store, and your local Australian stockists….

If you’re lucky like me and hunt around for a little while, you maybe able to score a deal on eBay. I managed to find the exact shoe I wanted, in my size & for the US price from the US store Clever Training.